Corporate Well Being

As well as offering all therapies at a homely clinic in Airdrie, LM Therapies provides the same high quality service from the convenience of the employees' medical room.  Approximately 13.5 million working days are lost each year in Britain through work related injuries or stress. LM Therapies looks to minimise absenteeism, reduce time taken from work to attend GP appointments, create a healthy working environment and boost productivity.


We offer a variety of packages that are designed to suit your company's requirements. Each package can be carried out over a long or short term period depending on your needs. At LM Therapies we do not provide standard packages but prefer to create individual and unique packages for every customer. We will work within your budget and endeavour to suit your companies' needs.




Our Sports Therapy package allows all injuries to be assessed and treatment provided where appropriate. Ergonomic and postural assessments can also be carried out to ensure each employee is working safely and efficiently. Advice on manual handing, self-management and prevention is given to all employees, empowering them to take a proactive approach to their rehabilitation. We can provide regular updates on each individual case as well as monthly progress reports on our service provisions.


This package can also include regular health checks that monitor the employees blood pressure, sugar levels, stress levels and BMI.



Our Holistic Package offers Indian Head Massage, Reiki or Reflexology to the employees. These treatments can be carried out in full, which is normally 60 minutes, or as taster sessions with the time being decided by the employer. There treatments are great for promoting health and wellbeing.


Due to the nature of these treatments, they can work well with groups who are uncomfortable removing their clothing.



The Massage Package offers Lymphatic Massage, Swedish Massage and Sports Massage. These massages offer various degrees of depth and can work well for reducing tension on the back, neck and shoulders, however, these treatments can also be applied to other problem areas of the body.


As with all our other treatments, a small consultation is carried out prior to treatment commencing to ensure the treatment meets the clients' needs.



The Wellbeing Workshops combine Time Management, Team Building and Goal Setting. These workshops are a great idea for teams or individuals who struggle with hectic work schedules or who struggle with multi-tasking.


The workshops can also be a great exercise for promoting communication and establishing leadership skills within a team, whether they have worked together before or are newly established.



De-stress Days uses Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Meditation, Stress Management and Goal Setting to reduce work related stress. The sessions can be delivered to teams or individuals. Each employee will be given the tools to help them cope with work related stress and given short exercises they can carry out in the office or at home to ensure they remain calm and focused on the task in hand.

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